Tips On Preparing A Diabetic Cat For The Cattery

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Tips On Preparing A Diabetic Cat For The Cattery

18 July 2016
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Stress can very quickly destabilise a diabetic cat, even if his or her condition is usually stable, and removing your cat from familiar surroundings can cause problems.  This is why it's very important to prepare your diabetic cat properly for a stay in the cattery while you are away.  Read on for some helpful tips and advice.

Warn the cattery

Although most catteries will have experience of caring for diabetic cats, it's important that you clarify their willingness to do so before you book your pet for a stay with them.  You should also ask the cattery if you need to bring a sharps box for disposal of any used needles and syringes, just in case they don't have one.

Vet checks

A few days before your cat's stay at the cattery, it's a good idea to have him or her checked over by your vet.  This will reassure you and the cattery staff that all's well before you leave the cat in their care.

Double check your supplies of insulin and syringes to be sure that you have sufficient for the duration of your cat's stay in the cattery.  If necessary, you can pick up further supplies from your vet.

Before you leave your cat's insulin with the cattery, check the expiry date on the box, and discard any phials that are out of date.  Make a note on the lid of the box you are currently using of the date it was opened.

At the cattery

Make sure that you have a clear set of written instructions giving details of the dosage, frequency, and time of each dose of insulin that your cat needs to receive each day.  It's important that your pet's medication routine remains exactly the same in order to keep your pet's condition stable.

If you draw up this information in chart form, it will be easier for the cattery staff to keep track of what is needed.  Remember to note down his usual feeding times too, as this will impact directly on the effectiveness of the insulin.  Your vet may be able to provide you with a blank chart if you're not sure how to create one yourself.

You should also ensure that the cattery has full details of your cat's past medical history.  This will be helpful to them in the event that your pet has a medical problem while you're away.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that the cattery has full contact details for your vet, including for emergency out of hours cover.

You can ensure that your diabetic cat enjoys a happy and healthy stay at the cattery while you are away by following the simple guidelines above.  For more advice and information on how to prepare your diabetic pet, have a chat with the cattery staff.